ImageForm is a new platform which allows the average user to easily create 3d video games and/or any other software.

     "Today's operating systems are conceptually upside-down. They developed the hard way, gradually struggling upwards from the machinery toward the user. In the future, operating systems and information management tools will grow top-down."

-David Gelernter

All software is essentially a script dictating how virtual graphics respond to the real world position of a mouse, finger on a touch-screen, or other input.

ImageForm simplifies usability by eliminating any element the end-user should never know about such as compiling, compressing, encrypting, etc., as well as eliminating any elements whose function can be achieved by combining any two existing elements. By reducing the number of elements to a bare minimum the platform can be easily mastered and is more stable with less chance for conflict errors.

One of the key innovations of this product is a new formula that allows the user to articulate 3d shapes by positioning far less points in 3d space than would be necessary to articulate the same form with currently available solutions.

With an easy-to-use development platform, the average user could edit software to most efficiently address their particular task and then share those solutions. Software would evolve organically and more closely reflect users' needs.

Two instances that exemplify the market potential for such a product are 3d printers and the game Minecraft. Though 3d printers are now relatively cost effective they are not yet common place due to the unavailability of a tool for the average user to easily and accurately articulate 3d objects. Minecraft is a video game which was purchased by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars, that allows the player to build coarse 3d objects by stacking cubes. It can be argued that much of Minecraft's popularity is due to it being the closest thing to a 3d development tool currently available to the average user.


ImageForm, bringing the computer's spectrum of creative potential to the average user.

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